Construction of a new 614-unit residential development, Clippers Quay, is now well underway. Construction commenced in early summer with the substructure foundations and piling, as well as the main drainage instillation, including sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

The new private rental sector (PRS) project sees the creation of five high-quality, medium-rise buildings, constructed in durable and low-maintenance materials, with maximum opportunity taken to connect these with the water sitting on two sides of the site. The scheme will create and maximise external open space, with a mix of publicly accessible space and private amenity space.

RoC remains an active member of the design team for civil and structural elements, following novation to main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine.

Challenges and Added Value

  • The building structure is made from in-situ reinforced concrete. Considerable effort has been put into rationalising the grid and eliminating transfer structures in order to optimise the efficiency of the frame
  • Drainage, which includes sustainable on-site water storage and a restricted discharge to address the requirements of the Flood Risk Assessment
  • A mixture of CFA and Driven piles have been provided in response to the complex ground conditions and the historical legacy of the plot
  • The project includes retention and part-replacement of a section of existing retaining wall along the boundary of Trafford Road, which includes the Grade II-listed bridge control tower