10-12 Whitworth Street West designed by 5Plus Architects was approved by Manchester City Council planning committee on 12 November 2015.

The new 35 storey tower from Brigantes opposite Deansgate Locks will comprise 327 apartments, a rooftop garden, a cafe, a gym and a number of ‘dinner party rooms’.  It will include the demolition of a vacant three storey warehouse which currently occupies the 1,200 square metre site next door to the City Road Inn pub.

The structural design has been carried out by Jon Smith, Design Director and his team at RoC Consulting and responds to the challenges of height and proximity to the adjacent railway line.

Congratulations to the team who have worked hard on this project and we looking forward to working with Brigantes and 5Plus Architects in delivering this amazing development.

Image:  Courtesy of 5Plus Architects