Rory has a wealth of technical experience and a strong understanding of the commercial parameters that drive the development process. This combined with proven leadership and management skills helps the team to reach the key strategic decisions during the project feasibility stage.

What is really important is to share this knowledge and experience with the design team for the benefit of the project and the Client. Having delivered successful projects through the most challenging of economic cycles there are not many principals who remain actively engaged and who can bring this experience and skill set to the table.

A unique blend of technical know how, commercial acumen and strong leadership qualities enables Rory to identify development constraints and very early on in the project feasibility stage. Through exploring these constraints he uses his technical knowledge and experience to work with the team make the best early strategic engineering decisions and so turn challenges into opportunities.

Rory’s inclusive and holistic approach permeates through both the external design team and the RoC team so that maximum added value is generated.

Rory has been able to craft his career working on great projects with great people. The ability to think laterally and problem solve, means that Rory can bring to a project a unique blend of commercial experience and technical knowhow.

The culture nurtured within our team recognises that development is an interactive process and communication is everything.



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Our Values
  • Listen We ensure that we listen to what our clients say about their needs, objectives, programme, resources and budget.
  • Understand We make sure that we understand the client’s brief, undertake rigorous analysis and challenge all assumptions.
  • Innovate We design practical, innovative solutions to minimise cost without sacrificing quality, so that money is spent where it matters.
  • Create Working closely with the design team and contractors, we deliver the client’s vision on time and on budget.
  • Deliver Our approach ensures that our clients trust us and are confident in our ability to deliver.

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